14 thoughts on “Some ads and labels that make you go mmmhhh…

  1. It would be interesting to see alcohol advertising given the same treatment as cigarettes.. it sure as hell does as much damage. But that’s not going to happen any time soon is it?!?

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  2. I love this. I recently read that David Beckham doesn’t drink alcohol, and then realised that he actively promotes Haig Club Gin/Whiskey in current TV ads. I hope I’ve just read it wrong that he doesn’t drink – otherwise why the hell bother with the ridiculous promotion of something you choose not to partake in?! If he advertised smoking it would be REALLY frowned upon. But Haig? Nope, that’s obviously just sexy, even if he doesn’t drink. What a load of BS x

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  3. Oh dear! The worst one is the pump and dump wine label. Nothing like trying to entice breastfeeding mothers to drink more. Should be illegal!

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  4. “Don’t worry honey- you didn’t burn the beer!” What the actual fuck? The more I see advertising like this the more it makes sense why, after a bad day, the first thing that used to come to mind (and I’m still fighting that thought) is “god I need a drink!!”

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  5. NZ is a drinking culture too. Our Tui Ads are shameful.
    There is also an ad on prime time TV which gives me the shits as my kids hear it over and over. it goes something like this
    “Doing up your house? Beers!
    Helping a mate move? Beers!
    Doing the gardening? Beers!
    Unfinished project? Get your mates together and Speights – Beers!

    Many tradies I know are definitely alcoholics, some are in their 30’s but stop at the bottle shop at lunch and buy a six pack, then buy more on the way home. That’s minimum 12 beers a day during the week. it will only get worse if they don’t stop. My young really sweet girlfriend’s husband is 37, he has started on the whisky now as beer isn’t enough – he is in the trade industry and everyone does it so he thinks drinking until you are shit-faced, not talking to your wife is just how marriage is.

    They will end up 50, alone, sad and with no family that will talk to them.
    How many alcoholics do i know with fulfilling lives – none.

    Thanks for posting this xx
    Michelle xxx

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    • Its so widely accepted. The progression of addiction is inevatble especially if people start binge drinking as teenagers.
      The end isn’t very pleasant, whenever i see ads like this now I just remind myself it seeling the same poison that brought me to my knees. It never changes. xxx


  6. Well you know where I stand with these kinds of things, especially the “Mommy Juice” and all that. I am not anti-booze nor am I anti-booze ads, but certainly there are some head scratchers, and for sure it’s hard to see some of them. But then again, like Mark, I collected Absolut ads, and I thought a lot of the booze ads were clever. Marketing companies market and sell. It’s their gig, but looking back at some of these…times have changed, and yet they haven’t.

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  7. Just sittin’ here shakin’ my head.

    Tho, truth to tell, I don’t think ads played much of a role in my choice to drink. It was the work culture…and the recreation culture…to drink. And unlike what a lot of (mostly women?) say…I always LIKED the taste. Wished the ‘effect’ would hold off, so i could consume more.

    Regardless, the ads -over so many years – are a sad commentary.

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