Chewing my arm off…

My word for this year is self-care and the first and most important part of that puzzle is stopping smoking. I smoked for a very long time then stopped for a very long time so I know it’s just bullshit drug addiction that does nothing for me. All that being said I’ve been using it as a placebo prop to manage stress which is ridiculous especially because Nicotine is a stimulant and it causes your heart rate and blood pressure to skyrocket.

Now that the Christmas hysteria is over I need to put my big girls pants on and sort this shit out.

So today is day 3 AND I want to chew my arm off and punch people in the face and steal my children’s sweets…

I don’t want to be a smoker; it makes me tired and costs an absolute fortune. I want to do YOGA and lots of it! I want to be one of those people who jumps out of bed in the morning, drinks hot water and lemon, meditates and stretches! I can’t do proper Ujjayi breath if I’m smoking fags all day because I start coughing and spluttering like an 80 year old, which is very attractive I can tell you.

If memory serves I think the intense craving will go by day 5 so I’m hanging in there.

32 thoughts on “Chewing my arm off…

  1. Work your way through the grumpiness! I quit on November 10th, 2002 after a few attempts prior and fifteen years of a pack a day! It’s so liberating to not be tied to that substance like a ball and chain! My school counselor friend told me this when I told her I was quitting drinking: “You are stronger than the tools you use.”

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  2. Loving the picture :-). Congrats on your day 3! How cool. 🙂
    The physical addiction on nicotine takes 3 days so the rest should be familiair. For me drinking grapefruit juice helped against cravings. But then again, grapefruit juice makes me lose appetite for nearly anything, so… 🙂
    I put all the money I was saving from not drinking in a jar, somehow it really motivated me. And it showed how badly I needed to stop. That too. 🙂
    Wishing you zen and everything. The difficulty breathing started clearing up for me after 3 days and really kicked in at day 10 or so. I used to smoke 25 up to 40 cigarettes a day. It can be done. All those who do not smoke or never did live happily without it. So the idea that smoking is in any way good for us, or helpful is an addopted lie.
    I am happy that you quit. 🙂 Hang in there.
    xx, Feeling

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  3. You know about the Allen Carr book? I just put it in a moving box. I’ve got nothing as I smoke too. The expense is definitely getting to me. I wish you luck and I promise not to smoke near you. I love the picture!

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  4. I quit 05/04/2005 so coming up to 12 years. I barely even think about it now (hope to be the same with booze) and even though I loved smoking and always joke I will start again if I ever get a serious diagnosis, I don’t think I will ever smoke again. That said, if I smoked a cigarette I am sure I would be back in the throes of addiction again.
    I too think I should be the yogi sipping hot lemon water or even the jogger carefree and pounding out the miles. My big thing is that I wake up tired every single morning and am angry I am not one of those people who bounces out of bed full of vim and vigour. I have seriously had to forgive myself for not being able to do it as it was starting to get to me that I wasn’t. Maybe I just am not a morning person just like I am not a French person, I can speak French and even do a good accent but I won’t ever be French, I can get out of bed each morning and do a pretty good impression of someone who means business but it will be a few hours before ALL of me is awake and effective. I hope at east you are still eating chocolate or cake or something, one must have at least one vice no?

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  5. I love that cartoon image, it gives me the giggles. Yoga smoker! I have never smoked. I grew up with a mother who hated smoking so much she had no trouble telling anyone who smoked near her how disgusting it was. I would cringe. It didn’t stop her drinking a bottle of wine every night…..oh the hypocrisy. But it did lay a foundation for me not to smoke so I guess that was good. I just became an alcoholic instead. I was behind someone the other day buying smokes. I nearly choked on my chubba chup lollypop when I heard the checkout girl ask for the money. How do people afford it. Just think how much richer you will be without cigarettes. Put a deposit on that overseas holiday now. Here is to day 5 when hopefully the cravings subside, good on ya 😘

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  6. I quit after several attempts for about a year or so and then stared back out of boredom. I smoke that round about a year and then quit for good. It is so hard!! I was about 2 packs a day. You can do it. First two weeks was sort of hard for me. It was “the process” that was hardest to break. Just like now with wine for me. The process of it all. The chemical addiction is one thing, but the routine of the mind is all together different. I drank ALOT of water, and chewed on straws in the car while driving because that was my hardest battle. You got this!

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  7. You can do it, just change your way off thinking about it. Smoking is a big pain in the ass, thinking about when you can have your next smoke, chain smoking two when do and making sure you don’t run out of butts. I smoked for about 22 years, started at 13 and quit with the patch. It’s tough but so worth it. I’ve been smoke free for about 4 years now and i never miss it.

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    • You are so right. Its a total pain and besides I never enjoyed being a smoker. You are totally preoccupied with when you are having your next one and if you have enough. (sounds like something else I know…) xx


  8. Wooohoooo you!! I tried quitting several times cold turkey and turned into a stark raving lunatic around day 9. When I quit this time I used the patch and it was easier, even though you’re still putting nicotine into your system (albeit less and less in a controlled state) for a few months and it equaled about the same cost as smoking. A friend of mine quit by jumping on the treadmill every time she craved a cig.
    Super proud of you!

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  9. Oh, my God yes! I’m quitting too. It’s day 5. I want to chew my arm off. I want to punch through brick walls. I yell at my kids…not like me. I’m so angry…Thank you for sharing. I’m with YOU!!!!

    Actually publishing a post about it tomorrow. Writing helped. Tons.

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