It’s in everything, now even lip balm!

Sober Pursuits has posted a very entertaining look at the everyday products that now contain references to alcohol or alcohol favouring. The most perplexing of which I think is the Gin and Tonic flavoured lip balm? Who in their right mind came up with that? Do people WANT to smell like Gin and Tonic?

Be warned it is deliciously sweary.

A quote from her:

“Serious fuckwittery. I laugh at all this shit, then do a pause *think bubble* about the insidious normalising of alcohol to the point we can namecheck it is sweets, lip balm, crisps and candles (WTF?!), and then I despair.”

Read the full post here:

I agree with her, marketing needs to go home because they are all drunk!


21 thoughts on “It’s in everything, now even lip balm!

  1. Ha ha I totally agree. This Christmas season I saw Gin and Tonic tea, marmalade and POPCORN??? WTF saw Prosecco crisps. Even in my heyday I think I would have turned my nose up at these, despite liking g&t.

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    • Its terribly concerning I agree totally. It’s so normalised and more and more people are suffering and getting really sick because of this culture we live in. The culture where alcohol isn’t seen as a drug and doesn’t carry warning labels saying ‘highly addictive’ What I did find funny however was Sober Pursuit’s very well chosen use of expletives to describe her frustration at the current state of affairs:) xxx


  2. Think I’ll stay far away from that lip balm but…“Serious fuckwittery”….I haven’t heard that before. Adding that one to my “special” pissed off vocabulary file. First I need to know how to use it in a sentence. In what country is that phrase used if I may ask?

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  3. Gin and tonic was my drink of choice (spirits) but I am 50. It is an old drink, not popular among young people. That medal goes to vodka. So I am guessing that marketing are attracting a certain age range, using clever tactics to win the 50 year old alcoholics in with a gin and tonic lip balm. Who wants chocolate or strawberry when you can lick gin off your lips. Maybe they should bring out a range of granny style knickers with a large gin and tonic on the posterior. Who wants Calvin Klein when you can have that.

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  4. It is sad how the world has turned into marketing the concept of “cool,” as being someone who drinks or thinks about drinking at all hours, never mind the human costs associated with liquor. It’s like the whole world has become giggling middle school students with a stolen can of beer. It happens on the news too! All week before New Years, news anchors were leering and giggling about whiskey waffles and hangover treats. So cute!

    Why no love for heroin, it makes you wonder.

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