I don’t know what my word needs to be…Initially I thought of the word ‘alignment’ but I think that’s overshooting a bit. I need to learn to walk before I can run. ‘Self-care’ seems like a sensible word to hold as my intention for the year. Learning to care for myself as I care for my children. Sleep when I’m tired, eat when I’m hungry, soothe myself with nurturing rather than self-destructive addictions. This year I intend to learn to care for myself the way a woman who loves herself would.

That is a big deal because it’s so far removed from what I’ve always done. I’ve always pushed myself to the brink with no mercy and no consideration for my body or my emotional well-being. I’ve always ‘punished’ myself into submission. Self-care is a new concept for me but I need to build a healthy platform from which I can handle all the trials and tribulations that will come my way. Getting sober is the first step but it’s not enough. Tragedy will strike, stress will happen and I need to re-parent myself so that I can handle all of that without reaching for a drink.

Happy new year sober peeps! See you on the other side.xxx

18 thoughts on “Word

  1. I love the photo as well. There is something about tapping into that wild brave loving girl that is tied up in learning to really live again … not just to tread water. I am looking for that this year, thanks to your inspiration. I will now spend the next two days thinking up a word that describes this. ; )


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  2. I’m with you on struggling with the self-care, but am too learning! I’ve spend the past 21 years taking care of everyone else and yes, it is strange to take care of ourselves for once. Almost seems selfish, but I have read the difference between being selfish and self-care…..we deserve this!!!! Take care, mother yourself, and have a wonderful New Year!!!

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  3. “Tragedy will strike, stress will happen and I need to re-parent myself so that I can handle all of that without reaching for a drink.”

    I need a strategy for all of the emotional wellness life requires…. without reaching for a drink too.

    Thanks for this
    M xx

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