Trump supporters, pudding flops and ‘sexy ladies’

So it’s over! I feel a gargantuan sigh of relief that I managed to get through the blessed day with no alcohol and no scenes. We spent the last 3 days at my husband’s family. His aunt (the hostess) gets really nervous and overwhelmed about hosting so many people so I was working in the kitchen most of the time. That’s okay it kept me busy and out of trouble. I went for a cigarette and when I returned her pudding had flopped and she was hysterical,  running around in circles mumbling to herself. Thankfully we managed to sort it out and cooked and prepped as much as we could before Christmas day.

Woke up Christmas morning with a clear head and rushed downstairs with my two little ones to see if Santa has been. They checked the mince-pie and carrots and shrieked with excitement when they saw that they had been eaten. It was brilliant to be hangover free while they ripped open their presents and to see them beaming with joy. Once we had finished the military operation of cooking, warming everything up and getting everything on the table on time we sat down to lunch. Phew!

I was surrounded by people who have radically different political and ideological views to mine. The conversations centered around Trump and how pathetic liberals are for being in such a state after the news that he won. I am a liberal and I am a feminist so it was tough going for me to sit there and say nothing. Usually I would be downing my wine to drown out the words that were hurting my ears. This time I just sat there and I listened. I excused myself from the table when they stated laughing about a certain female politician whom Trump refers to as ‘Pocahontas’ due to her native american heritage.

I am more balanced when I’m sober because I realise they are just normal people with views different to mine. Tolerance is one of my core values after all, I need to live and let live and I need to learn to practice what I preach. So I managed to hold my tongue and let them be without feeling the need to argue my point.

In the car on the way home my son started singing Gam Gam Style and repeated the words ‘sexy ladieeeees’ over and over. His grandfather was in the car and had one massive bushy raised eye brow at the lyrics. I was in absolute stitches and could not stop laughing for love nor money. It was complete hysterical laughter, I think it was a mixture of relief about Christmas being over and just letting go of everything. I needed to let go.

23 thoughts on “Trump supporters, pudding flops and ‘sexy ladies’

    • Thank you Anne, it was a huge win for me. There really is no point in arguing about things like that. There also is no point in trying to ‘drink them away’ That’s what I usually did if I was surrounded by this part of the family. All that ended up happening was that I would get drunk and either make a fool of myself or start an argument. The only one that lost was me. xxx


  1. OMG, how did you do it? You’re brilliant! That would have been sooo difficult for me. I would have had to stand outside for great lengths of time, no matter the weather. Most of my downfalls have resulted from being cooped up with my (or someone’s) family with no escape. It can overwhelm the best of us.
    I am also starting to laugh uncontrollably now and then, and I LOVE it! It’s just another strange side effect of a non-alcohol depressed brain. It’s like being a kid again.
    You deserve a medal!


    • Honestly I had to bite my tongue and pinch myself under the table. When they started talking about the ‘Pocohontas’ thing I left the table. The breather worked. I’m still learning. Hopefully I can learn to do this tolerance thing one day without making pinch marks on my hand:) The hystrical laughter might be a side effect of being sober. It’s like a release valve. xxx

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  2. Isn’t it wonderfully refreshing when we can sit and listen to a conversation which we disagree with wholeheartedly yet keep our mouth shut. Is it maturity or just wisdom. I don’t know! There were plenty of those conversations over Christmas. Botox, boob jobs, all the things I couldn’t afford and have no interest in doing were talked about lavishly over the table. I kind of floated off in my mind and it was perfectly fine.
    P.S Love that song!


    • Yes a conversation about boob jobs and botox would be difficult for me too! That song is one of those that get stuck in my head. I’ll wake up with the melody some days. It’s one of the two songs my son has in his repertoire. xxx


  3. Oh hurrah, what a wonderful post! I laughed out loud reading the last part about your son singing and Grampa raising his bushy eyebrow. It sounds like you did a marvellous job of staying sober and present over the holidays and that makes my heart happy for you!

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  4. As an ex-pat I am with you on the Hillary/Trump anything political thing. Its awful at the moment. I feel like every time I turn around Im not defending myself, but my position as an American.

    God on you for staying sober. Lets ring it in for 2017!!

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  5. Ever the contrarian I have to say I would still get embroiled in a row. Having said that I do find myself more and more interested in what the other person is saying and why rather than assuming they are a stupid big headed fucking idiot, which would have been my previous stance ha ha.
    Is it just me or are there a worrying lack of Trump supporters in the blogosphere. I don’t think I have read one pro Trump comment ever and if that is the case then who the heck voted for him?

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  6. Well done and kudos to you! I struggled with some of this over the festive season myself, as I was in the presence of a rather racist and sexist human. I was very defensive and quick to judge him for being such a judgemental asshole, however after ‘doing the work’ on him today I realised that hating on him for being a hateful, judgemental asshole just perpetuates the whole judging-hating cycle. At the same time, it is soooo damn difficult to just sit there and bite your tongue as you listen to blatant bigotry and people with drastically different views and opinions from your own and just accept them for who they are. I am so damn proud of you for handling it so well and finding humour in a difficult situation. You are an inspiration x

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