9 thoughts on “To everyone in early recovery, please listen to this interview, it will explain so much

    • It’s just amazing to hear the science behind it. I had several a-ha moments and it explains why the first bit is so frikkin hard, motivates you to stick with it. It also explains my lapses (been trying to get sober for a very long time now) and I think if I had known this i wouldn’t have gone back to drinking because I would have understood what was happening! xxxx

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  1. I got a lot out of that. I can clearly see the pattern I have been in since early 2014 when I first started trying to quit. I hope to God it doesn’t take me 8 years to achieve a 12 month stint. My longest was 5 months. I know now that my brain craves the dopamine high and that has always been my reason for returning to the bottle. I have low moods during sobriety and now I understand why. Maybe understanding that will help me deal with it better. Also the socialization aspect hit home. I should have known that as anxiety and lack of social interaction go hand in hand too.


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