Be a rebel

Had to share this image. One of the things that used to rope me back into drinking was that I’ve always been a rebel. Sex drugs rock and roll was such a big part of my life. I was the girl who could drink most men under the table. Wild at parties, late nights, drinking tequila till dawn. When I became a mom, this persona needed to go undercover. It is generally frowned upon to be seen downing tequilla slammers and dancing on the tables.(Although mom’s on the lash are not far off there)

So my life made way for a more subdued rebellion, the playdates sozzled with wine. The ‘mummy’ friend sessions where everyone is downing Prossecco as fast as they can. I felt like I lost my ‘rock chick’ forever meanwhile she was just drowning in Sauvignon blanc

So my new act of rebellion is being happily sober and proud of it, I think that’s pretty bad-ass.


20 thoughts on “Be a rebel

  1. Just. This. Exactly. I used to be the same – the wild-child rebellious, try-anything, party girl, mostly to be found at gigs/in pubs/at parties. Then because I had to curb that after three kids, I started downing buckets of S Blanc and trying to remember who the fluff I am. And here we are. I want to make sober the new bad-ass too. Red xx

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      • I nearly did my first sober gig last Friday in Leeds, but had to cancel the night out due to being so bloody ill. This self care thing is new to me, in the old days I’d have gone out anyway, drunk myself stupid through it, and set myself back a week probably, illness-wise. I think sober gigs will be great. There might be less moshing, but there will also be less of the inconvenient toilet trips 😉 Red xx

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      • I used to be exactly the same. If I was sick I would still go out, I’d just switch to whiskey (supposed to really good for you when you are poorly) and power on through. YES about the toilet trips, and don’t forget no need to stand in the queue at the bar missing the gig. Coke zero can last for ages. xxx

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  2. I like your attitude. I was the closet wine drinker myself, not a table topping tequila kind of girl but boy could I smash those glasses down. Trying to find my new cool. Haven’t found it yet.

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