Tears, tantrums, Ikea and cigarettes…

Warning: Bah humbug post.

Today consisted of massive marital tension, Mr Hurrah has been a knobhead of note the last few days.

As if that weren’t bad enough we had to go to IKEA (had to buy a loft bed) which exasperated the tension to epic heights. Just as I thought it couldn’t get any worse, I realised we have to now build the frikkin flat pack bed we bought for my son.

Building flat pack furniture is enough to send a happy and content couple into rages so you can just imagine how much festive fun we were having!

Anyway to cut a long story short. I was of course gasping for wine. Then I remembered Sober mummy’s quote.

“I truly believe that there is no problem in life that cannot be made worse by alcohol.

When the s**t hits the fan, you need a clear head, not one befuddled by booze, or hijacked by a hangover.”

So yes, clear head but she didnt say anything about clear lungs. Bought cigarettes:( BUT on the plus side bypassed the wine isle!

I’m not promoting smoking by the way but I figured the lesser of two evil will do for tonight. Small victory.

Still sober! Fistbump one and all:)


22 thoughts on “Tears, tantrums, Ikea and cigarettes…

  1. I have come to the conclusion that in order to shop at Ikea you must have a Swedish surname. Johansson or something similar. People with non Swedish surnames have to read instruction manuals, not a good thing. People called Johansson have an inbuilt manual and putting together flat packs comes naturally. There is a solution. People out there with Swedish surnames offer their services……at a price. But the price is good compared to the abuse that you and your other half will hurl at each other during the course of putting the damn thing together.
    I don’t know what I was thinking. I ordered a bike for my son for Christmas. It arrived in a flat box. I have four weeks to prepare hubby. If I want to stay married I will gently remind him every day until the 25th rather than throwing it at him on the day. He does not have a Swedish surname. But he does enjoy the odd Swedish meatball if that means anything.

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  2. I bought a horrible cheap reindeer/sleigh box of yard decorations that sent me into a blind rage against whoever manufactured it. It was also a flat pack box of shit, with missing parts and joints that didn’t line up correctly. I had to jimmy rig sections of it and kept arguing with my husband that we needed to return the damn thing. He had the option of a bourbon on the rocks, which he bypassed, but I went straight out afterwards and bought a pint of chocolate ice cream. (The lesser of two evils.)
    Thank you for the quote from Sober Mummy. I will commit it to memory.
    Cheers to both of us bypassing the humbug drinkathon! It’s happening all over the world as we speak.

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  3. There was a survey in the Netherlands where they found out that 75%!!!! of the people who go to the IKEA together or in a larger group will argue or even have a big fight while in the IKEA, directly afterward or when putting stuff together. I’m guessing making it through IKEA without arguing is a skill that should be tought at school. 😉
    xx, Feeling

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  4. The instructions are most definitely written by engineers on acid. Congratulations on living in The place called life and not checking out. Byw, odd thing, every time I would build a piece from Ikea I’d end up swearing my ass off. Curious, that

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  5. Going to Ikea or even shopping with a man could drive ANYONE to drink–even Mormons! Sorry, Sweety, but I had a good laugh at your post. First of all, let me say you have a tremendous way with words: “knobhead of note.” Wow, what a classy way to call your “knobhead.” Usually, I’m so pissed that I’d call him a lot worse. I can remember the MOST fights with my dear knobhead (god, I love that term!) over installing a new DVD or whatever is the latest gadget. I’m certain they are designed to break up happy homes!
    So, let’s look at the GOOD news: You didn’t drink!!! Now, that’s a huge deal. It is. Fistbump to you. Honestly, it’s the broken shoelaces, figuratively, that have made me want to drink during my sobriety of almost 29 years (wow…blows my mind even to say it!). I didn’t even think of drinking over my late husband’s diagnosis of brain tumors. I did, OTOH, think seriously about drinking when I was running late for work and found out I had a flat tire. DAMN! No one would believe me at work, I was sure of it.
    We get through…well, anything…without drinking. I go to meetings. I call alkies. I talk to SOMEBODY. I have no more substances to sedate me. I have to get it out, talk to someone. I don’t recommend that someone being your knobhead, though. My mouth is my worst enemy. He was bound to hear an earful when I was pissed. Better to lock myself in the bedroom, so I can’t get at him, and call my sponsor.
    The cigs? Hell, I believe you should let that alone for now. I’ve seen a lot of newbies who decide to give up EVERYTHING in their first months of sobriety–no cigs, no coffee, no sugar. Come ON! Give yourself a break. Just don’t drink for today…and avoid shopping malls!!!
    Take ‘er easy.

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    • Oh my word 29 years is absolutley amazing! Yes he is a knobhead but I love him dearly even through he drives me absolutley insane. Thank you so much for your wise word of encouragement, it means alot to me. I am looking for an AA group at the moment, just haven’t really found one in my area that clicks (there arent many around here) Need to get a sponsor sorted at least for the first year or so until the need for a drink when any stress arrises dissapates. That is one of my biggest fears, getting really bad news like someone died and slipping back into oblivion. Thank you for stopping by and yes, I’ll tackle the smoking eventually. One thing (and one day) at a time! xxxxxx


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