Effects of alchohol on your appearance

True Activist published a new article today about the effect that alcohol has on your appearance, to read it click here

It begins with: “Drinking alcohol might seem like the normal or ‘hip’ thing to do, but consuming it in excess over time can take a toll on one’s health.”

I am so impressed that they used the words “might seem normal”.

Ok, I know this is ‘True Activist’  an anti media news site that “exposes  the truth one lie at a time” so it’s not exactly mainstream, but the message is getting out there that consuming alcohol at least in excess is not normal.

The before and after photos are very inspirational. Most of them are of young-ish I would say 20-30 somethings that obviously partied too much. The main difference in the before and after photos is their weight and also their skin tone.

This is all very encouraging but that got me thinking about weight. One of the biggest and most coveted benefits of stopping drinking is usually listed as losing weight.

The trouble is that if you have an unhealty relationship with food on top of an alcohol addiction the chances are you won’t lose any weight when you first stop drinking. In fact since I stopped drinking 3 months ago I’ve put on 5 kilograms. The 5kg might have a little something to do with the truckloads of Magnum ice cream I devoured whilst re-watching the desperate housewives boxset (you do what you gotta do during those first months to stay away from booze.)

My many previous attempts to stop drinking had not necessarily hinged on the weight thing but it was a massive motivating factor to stop. If I didn’t lose a stone in the first 3 months my resolve was significantly weakened.

I would tell myself things like: “I’m being so good by not drinking, at least I should have the benefits of looking like on of those bikini clad yoga bunnies on Instagram to make up for the sacrifice, damn it!”
This time I know its different for me. I can pick up another stone in weight and I will still stay stopped.

This time It’s not the weight, or the clear skin or the extra money or even the liver health. This time it’s about self-compassion, self-love and self-respect.

I’ve just realised as i’m typing this that I have been lost in a cycle of self-hatred, self harm and self loathing for the best part of 24 years.

No more. Enough now.

9 thoughts on “Effects of alchohol on your appearance

  1. I’m so happy about the end of all this self-loathing! It sneaks up on you, and alcohol seems to be the answer in the form of temporary self esteem. And so it begins …
    I remember reading once about the dangers of alcohol on the body (damaged liver, increase risk of cancer, heart problems, yada yada yada), and then coming across premature aging. What!? In my superficial state of mind, this horrified me. I was dating, for Christ’s sake. And I also could see easily that it was true. I have sisters my age, so in theory, we should be aging at about the same rate. I looked like I was jumpstarting the decline. I was horrified.
    I am going to keep glugging my coffee and reflect on my narrow escape. ; )
    Great post!

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  2. Thanks for commenting! This blogging thing is really helping me feel less alone in trying to get sober.

    Yes, next thing to tackle is sugar and caffeine addiction, although I’m not quite ready for that yet.

    Baby steps…


  3. Wow, what transformations on that site! I have noticed a huge difference (*gulp* – RAPID DECLINE more like it!) in my looks over the past 5-6 yrs. I hope that it slows down and if possible – a little bit of reversal would be fabulous. I have a sister who is 3 yrs younger than me who lives a healthy lifestyle and a few months ago I got asked by one of her friends who had never met me if I was her MOTHER. MY SISTER’S MOTHER!!! I was mortified. Still am mortified actually…lol

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  4. No more. Enough now. Love that. It is so different for me this time, too. I feel like this is going to stick. For me it is about being in the moment. I want to be present and alive. I don’t care if I am flabby or whatever … not even going there. I am healing from the inside. Thank you for your story. It makes me feel less alone to hear that others are going through similar struggles. Keep on doing what you are doing!

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  5. Dear Hurrah,
    I struggle with ice cream, too!
    And I LOVE the housewives shows!! I love to see how awful they act when drunk, as it reminds me not to go there!
    This is a time for self-compassion. I had the help of a lovely therapist who helped me learn how to love and respect myself a little bit more.
    Not drinking has only made me more loving to myself.

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    • Thank you for your continued check-in’s, I really appreciate it. I look at someone like you who’s been sober for more than 2 years and just find it so inspiring. I wish I could afford therapy but can’t at the mo. Just have to settle for self help books for now:)


  6. Catching up with your blog… Just wow – that article, those photo’s. They all look so much better, but the thing that shines out for me is they all, every single one, look happier. So much happier! I gave up booze for 42 days earlier this year. At first I literally found myself hoovering up cake and chocolate, but this definitely evened out, and my food choices just naturally got healthier, I even found myself fancying a plate of fruit on an evening.. True. Oh and I started laughing a LOT more. 🙂 Red xx

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