Wine glasses

When I went to a Halloween party last weekend I poured my coke zero into a wine glass. I did the same thing in Venice  when my husband and I went out for a fancy dinner.

Big deal, right?

I think it might be a big deal because it’s been troubling me quite a lot. I saw a photo of me holding a wine glass with coke zero in and it just felt wrong!

In Venice I just thought it looked more glamorous to drink out of a wine glass.

At the Halloween party I did it to make everyone else comfortable, or maybe to make myself less conspicuous. I didn’t want everyone asking me if I wanted a drink.

The reason this is bugging me is that by putting my soft drink in a wine glass I am subliminally telling myself I am making a sacrifice. I am reinforcing the idea that I am missing out on something marvelous by choosing not to drink.

I’ve quit drinking, and wine glasses in my world are not JUST glasses.

They are a reminder of my old life. A reminder of an addiction that was destroying me and my family. A reminder of ethanol, an addictive poisonous substance that very nearly cost me my life.

So no more wine glasses, Im chucking them into the bin today!

Need to keep an eye on the brainwashing that booze is cool, fun an glamorous. It creeps in when you’re not looking.





7 thoughts on “Wine glasses

  1. Good for you! Are you going to replace them with some fun, funky glasses instead? 🙂 I have a couple of wine things that I really need to get rid of – one big wine glass that has a sparkly stem and a “Wine Tastes Fantastic!” design thing on it, and a pair of socks that have “If you can read this”, “bring me a glass of wine” printed on the soles. I do love both, but it’s weird holding onto them…

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  2. I still like my pretty glasses for water, or anything.
    But I understand your reasoning.
    It makes sense.
    I just hate water glasses, period. I think they are big and bulky.
    I like the idea of finding some other cool glassware!

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  3. I did the same thing when I gave up. There was a strange comforting feeling to wrap my hands around a wine glass. It just made me melancholy for wine so I ditched it too. Hurrah for us for breaking the silly connections to a life that was no better than now 😊

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