Coming out…

I’m coming out, so you’d better get this party started!

A very dear friend of mine announced on Facebook that she wasnt going to drink anymore. She’s not an addict at all, she’s just decided that alcohol takes more than it gives and decided to quit, publicly.

That got me thinking, should I come out to everyone? The crucial difference between my friend and I is that I was a proper drinker. I mean the dedication I had to drinking and getting drunk was quite astounding. Whereas she was never much of a drinker to begin with.

It’s incredibly scary to out yourself as a person that used to be addicted to alcohol. You’ll notice I’m not using the term alcoholic because I abhor the word. I have a fear about exposing myself in that way. I’m scared of the judgement and of the pity! Oh god the pity people feel for the ‘poor addict’ who can’t party anymore!

I’m terrified of what something like that can do to me professionally as well. People are very quick to make snap judgements and I don’t want prospective clients or employees to think I’m flaky or in some way a risk because I’m in ‘recovery’.

A big part of me wants to throw caution to the wind and tell the world because I’m so proud and happy to be sober! Maybe when I’m more established in my sobriety a year or two down the line I’ll revisit the idea.

For now, I’ll just be anonymously ‘hurrah for coffee’


4 thoughts on “Coming out…

  1. I can really identify with this. I feel as if I have to keep my sobriety secret in the same way as my drinking. Some people know I don’t drink and less than a handful know why. I sometimes feel like just shouting out that I am an alcoholic but I don’t think it is a good idea right now. God knows what they would do at work. They panicked when I had problems with anxiety. Xx


      • That’s true perhaps she was a secret drinker really deeply in denial. I was quite open about the fact that I liked ‘a drink’ but would never admit the exact amount or frequency.(that would raise some eyebrows I can tell you) How do the polls know anyway? Most people lie about their drinking and underestimate the amount they drink.


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